20 unwritten rules for new drivers

Whether you’re a newbie on the roads or consider yourself a driving expert, there are a certain set of unspoken rules that most drivers follow. Here are our top 20 unwritten rules of the road:

* This is just for fun, please note driveJohnson’s as a company and the driveJohnson’s instructors do not condone some of these naughty behaviours, we just see/hear them regularly happening  :-)

  1. Unnecessary trips to the shops for items such a bar of chocolate at 1am
  2. Spend 15 minutes choosing a playlist for a 5 minute drive
  3. You are now a taxi service for all of your friends that haven’t passed their tests

  1. Amber traffic light now means you can make it!
  2. Avoid parallel park for the first year
    How to parallel park: Step 1) Park somewhere else
  3. You must repay every lift anyone has ever given you
    You might as well stick a taxi sign on the roof and start charging
  4. Always tell your mates you passed in 10 hours and you was so good the examiner finished the test early
    Driving test? Completed it mate, 10 hours
  5. Spend at least 24 hours searching insurance companies that doesn’t require a black
    box and then at the end of it go for black box insurance
  6. Park as far away as possible from any other cars

  1. Suddenly take an interest in the car accessories in your local supermarket/Halfords
    Another car air freshener? Oh go on then
  2. Buy an air freshener that dangles in your face and distracts you
    But at least your car smells nice, right?
  3. Calling your dad when the slightest thing goes wrong with your car
    Car making a weird noise? Turn the music up louder
  4. You must ALWAYS make awkward eye contact with the person next to you at traffic lights
  5. Fill her up on pay day and the rest of the month top her up £10 a time

  1. Turning to look at the person you’ve been stuck behind for the last 10 mins doing 30 in a 60 zone
  2. Happy use of horn now means = Oi, Oi – What you saying?
  3. Angry use of horn now means = move out of my way or GO!
  4. Getting annoyed at other cars being on the road when you’re running late
  5. Load your car up with your mates and hit Mcdonald’s 99p saver menu
  6. Ping your alloy within the first week
    1. TOP TIPS from one of our best

driving instructors in Stevenage

    – Ossie Osman.

  1. Steady Amber at a traffic light means stop if you can do so safely
  2. Only use the horn to make other road users aware of your presence
  3. If an air freshener is obstructing your view, consider placing it in a different position or buy one that doesn’t distract you from the road
  4. If you car is making weird noises or showing a warning light, do not ignore, consult a professional mechanic
  5. Try and stay calm even if other road users are frustrating you. Breath in through the nose and out through the mouth
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