Why do we ask our instructors to use driveJohnson’s branding?

Why do we ask our instructors to use driveJohnson’s branding materials?

Have you ever watched the film called The Founder? If you haven’t, watch it and you will find the content below better.

Basically, it’s about the McDonald’s franchise and how it emerged into the power it is today.

One of the biggest stumbling blocks the owners experienced at the beginning when they were franchising the business was that the franchisees weren’t sticking to the guidelines with both franchisee and franchisor suffering as a result.

There’s one example where a franchisee started selling chicken wings, hot dogs and all the classic American takeaway food that went against McDonald’s’ simple menu, formula and great tasting food. When his branch wasn’t doing well, he questioned the franchisor.

In brief, the problem was that the franchisee devalued the McDonald’s brand with alternative food, staff uniform and more.

The Founder Poster

Other examples of devaluing brands

Domino’s/Pizza Hut

If you ordered a Domino’s pizza and it arrived in a Pizza Hut box, as a customer – how would you feel? Would you feel confused and possibly disappointed?

Often when an instructor turns up with their own roof sign on, the pupil and especially parents feel like the work has been sub-contracted out. That isn’t what they paid for, so their loyalties to the sub-contractor will be less and their feeling about driveJohnson’s will be less too.

British Airways/EasyJet

Here’s one more. You’ve purchased a British Airways flight, got to the airport, checked in, walk through the tunnel, onto the plane and then you realise it’s an Easy Jet plane – how would you feel? Would you get off? Unlikely, you need to get to your destination. Would you kick up a fuss? Probably. Would you stop using British Airways in the future? Probably!

British Airways vs Easy Jet

We have monitored the retention rate for pupils with instructors using our roof sign and those not using our roof sign (plus all the other bits – business cards, progress cards etc.).

We tested this between March 2016 to August 2016. Below are the percentages for pupils completing more than 11+ lessons and continuing.

Using a driveJohnson’s roof sign: 79% continued learning to drive after 11 hours

Not using driveJohnson’s roof sign: 33% continued learning to drive after 11 hours

We have worked very hard building the driveJohnson’s brand

It hasn’t been easy overcoming the larger national driving schools in our earlier years, when they were spending a lot of money. In order for our driving school franchise costs to remain the same we have had to think smarter and do things more intelligently.

Anthony Johnson is a Grade A, 51/51, ORDIT approved instructor.

He also owns a marketing company which specialises in building modern websites that are mobile friendly and most of all, appear on the first page of Google.

We genuinely believe we have got it right it at driveJohnson’s, that’s why we want all of our instructors working with driveJohnson’s and not partially against us.

Put your trust into the brand and company, give it a chance and if it doesn’t work, feel free to walk away.

Until you buy into the company properly and use our roof sign, progress cards, business cards etc. you won’t see a full return.

There’s an old saying, “you can’t have your cake and eat it (too)”.

In adi franchise terms this means that you can’t have driveJohnson’s pupils and serve them with a Bungle’s Driving School roof sign on the top.

Our company goals

  • To increase the presence of the company across most areas of the UK.
  • To increase the prices of driving lessons gradually and surely across where we have instructors teaching.
  • Increase the opportunities for instructors to progress within driveJohnson’s – be it through our office, managing regions or advanced driver training on the roads.
  • We will never take on too many instructors for one particular area. Anyone who knows Anthony Johnson well know that’s how we roll. Hence, we offer only 4 weeks notice to leave the company. If we get too greedy, driveJohnson’s could crumble in 4 weeks!
  • Maintain our top positions on Google in virtually all of the areas we cover in the UK.
  • Maintain and remain ahead of our competitors with all of our marketing, technology and back-end systems we offer our instructors.

Help us achieve our company goals and everyone will be a winner!

We don’t ask for much, just the following:

  • Use our roof sign when you are teaching. No stickers required on your car. Just a roof sign.
  • Use our progress cards and record your pupils progress every lesson.
  • When your pupils pass their test – try to take a picture and send it to us: media@driveJohnsons.co.uk, we will do the rest on social media for you.

Our franchise is simple; we scratch your back, you scratch the pupils back and everyone’s a winner!

Celebrities come to us for a reason

As the brand has grown so has the clientele that comes to us. We don’t pay celebrities to learn with us just for a picture and a selfie.

Probably one of our most famous faces to date is Dele Alli, a professional, international footaballer for both England and Tottenham Hotspur. The press we have received from this has been colossal:

  • driveJohnson’s and Dele Alli across all national newspapers
  • Over millions of views on YouTube where learners are watching the owner, Anthony, teaching Dele before his test.
  • Regular Tweets on Twitter from Dele Alli about driveJohnson’s.

This is all publicity and marketing which increases the value of the driveJohnson’s brand.

Celebrities choose driveJohnson's
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