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This section is for beginners who are just starting out with their driving. Tips and advice for beginner drivers can be found here.

Can You Drive With A Dog In The Car?

What Happens If Caught Driving With A Dog In The Car? New statistics show that more than half of drivers are unaware that driving with your dog not adequately restrained could leave you with up to a ¬£5,000 fine and void your insurance. You’re probably wondering why you could receive such severe consequences for letting

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[INFOGRAPHIC] The Costs of Learning to Drive

If you’re starting to learn to drive, then I’m sure that you’ve been pre-warned about the costs involved with learning to drive. You’re probably getting fed up with all of the people asking you if you can afford it. If you’re new to driving, it’s usually a pretty good idea to get to grips with

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How to prepare for your theory test

How to prepare for your theory test is something that many people ask us and our driving instructors. Theory tests take a lot of revision and practice if you wish to pass first time as the grade boundaries are so close to each other and every mark does count! Below are some quick tips on

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Indian and Pakistani driving instructors

Qualified Indian and Pakistani Instructors Available Are you looking for¬†Indian and Pakistani driving instructors? Welcome to driveJohnson’s driving school. If you’re looking for an indian or Pakistani driving instructor then we may be able to help you.   We have fully qualified driving instructors that can speak the Punjabi and Urdu language fluently. So when

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