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GDPR Law for Driving Instructors

GDPR stands for the General Data Protection Regulation. As of the 25th May 2018, all businesses are expected to comply with the new GDPR law. As a business, self-employed driving instructor, driving instructor franchisee, this will affect you. You should demonstrate a duty of care to your customers/clients/learners in how you handle and store their

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The Dangers Of Drink Driving

FACT: Out of the 500,000 breath tests carried out on suspected drunk drivers each year, 100,000 of them are over the legal drink limit. Do you know the dangers of drink driving and the consequences? How Does Alcohol Affect Driving? After drinking alcohol, your brain starts to work inefficiently. In simple terms, your brain begins

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Talking on the Phone and Driving

Our instructor Ian Carlton has over 15 years of experience in many areas such as Northampton, Kettering and Wellingborough. He has experienced the ever-growing issue of talking on the phone and driving, so we asked him to give us his view on the issue: “I understand that living in 2018 would be hard without your

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Taking Selfies While Driving

Dangers of Mobile Phone Use and Driving Over the last 5 years you have probably seen a few gory videos emphasising the dangers of texting whilst driving. Just watch the video on the right for a taster. The latest trend is posting selfies whilst driving on social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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