Anti Locking Braking System (ABS)


The meaning of ABS:

ABS stands for anti-locking braking system. The benefits of having a vehicle with ABS is the safety aspect. In the event you brake suddenly and the wheels lock the ABS management system will detect this and pump the brake rapidly for you as long as you keep the pressure on the brake pedal.


What should you do if you don’t have a vehicle with ABS ?

If you have an older vehicle you will need to be prepared to pump the brake manually and rapidly should you sense or feel the car going into a skid. See emergency stop to understand how to control skidding.

Any vehicles manufactured after the year 2000 should have an ABS system fitted. You can tell quite easily by looking at the dash board on your car and looking out for an amber ABS sign. You can also consult your vehicle manual. You should only notice the amber ABS light come one when it’s activated. If it stays on then there is a fault and you should seek expert mechanical advice to fix the problem.

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