T and T – Tyres and Tarmac

T and T – Tyres and Tarmac

The meaning of T and T:

If you hear your instructor refer to the saying ‘T and T’ this means you should be able to see the back tyres of the car in front on the road/tarmac. The closer you get to the vehicle in front, the less view of the vehicles back tyres you will have. If you can’t see their tyres at all then this is an obvious indication you are driving too close.

Why should you keep to T and T ?

T and T usually applies in slow moving traffic. Should you get hit from behind you could end up going into the car in front if you are too close. If the vehicle in front brakes down and you are too close then you may find it difficult to manoeuvre around the car and get out. You may also realise you are in the wrong lane, as long as you keep T and T you can get out in good time. Also, if you are on an uphill and the vehicle in front doesn’t have good clutch control, they may roll back. If you have a gap between you and the car in front you can warn them with your horn.

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