How do I reverse around a corner?

Objectives: You should be able to identify a safe and legal place to carry out a left reverse. You should be able to reverse into an opening on the left and continue back for a reasonable distance, completing the manoeuvre under control and with due regard for the safety of other road users.

Reversing around a corner

Find a safe and legal place

Make sure the road you want to reverse into doesn’t have any obstructions like parked cars, bin bags or even children playing near the kerb. So look into the road before driving past it.

Start position

Look at point 1

Follow points 1-6


Speed should be a very slow walking speed and stay within a drain width of the kerb.

Observations when reversing

Make sure you’re looking over your left shoulder when reversing and keep your head scanning all around you for hazards coming towards you.


Be prepared to stop if you think your vehicle could potentially effect the speed/position of approaching vehicles. It’s their priority.

reverse around a corner demonstration

Before you turn left 

You should look all around you – 360 observation. If a vehicle is approaching- stop. It’s their priority. A good time to turn is when the bend of the kerb just disappears out of your left door mirror. Your instructor may give you a slightly more accurate focal point for their car.


As a general rule, you should turn the steering wheel 1 full turn left. Avoid dry steering. Be prepared to take some of the steering off if your vehicle becomes less than a drain width from the kerb and looks like it may hit the kerb.

When you come round the corner- remember whatever you have done to the steering wheel to the left you will need to do the same to the right to straighten. i.e. if you have turned one full turn left, then to straighten you should turn 1 full turn right.


If another vehicle comes up behind you when you’re reversing into the minor road – stop. If they continue to wait behind you, then unfortunately you will have to return back to your start position. Make sure you look all around you before you go forwards again and put a left signal on to indicate you are turning left. If the vehicle is still behind you when moving forwards, then make sure you apply the MSM routine in good time to pull up on the left again.

If you get too close to the kerb or too far away don’t carry on reversing. Stop and take a shunt forwards. When you take a shunt make sure you stay on your side of the road. This is acceptable on your driving test and is better than going up the kerb or over on the wrong side of the road and possibly failing your driving test.

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