What to wear for your driving test

What to wear for your driving test


Anthony Johnson. driveJohnson’s owner, explains in this post what you should wear for your driving test

In my 10 years of teaching learners how to drive there’s a common question that often comes up close to the driving test “What to wear for the driving test?

Should someone’s appearance matter? Should the fact that someone smells or has 10 tattoos on their head including two tear drop ones near their eye affect the examiners opinion? These are controversial questions that many would say “shouldn’t matter”.

However, according to ‘Leonard Mlodinow’ the best-selling author of Subliminal: How Your Unconscious Mind Rules Your Behaviour it does matter and I am inclined to agree with him.

what to wear for driving test

If you are unsure of what to wear for your driving test then I suggest for the sake of a 40 minute test take my advice and play it safe. Here’s some do’s and don’t scenarios.


Tart it up: The amount of teenage girls I have taught that have said “I’ll just wear a short skirt and revealing top that will help me pass”.

Maybe, if Jimmy Savile is your examiner. Please remember all the DVSA examiners are CRB checked so they do not have a history in being a pervert or sexual harassment. Most examiners are over 40 and are tired of seeing this look.

Everything about this outfit is wrong from the boots (Clutch control and being able to feel the pedals) to obscenely short skirt. It’s not a comfortable garment to wear in the car and the examiner is probably going to be thinking you’ve just finished a shift along the red light district.

driving test mk

Wear clean clothes and be polite:

Although these two are legends from Kevin and Perry, in the real world wearing the same clothes everyday and then going for your driving test is a no, no.

If you really only have one set of clothes, then just make the effort to wash them the night before so you’re smelling fresh on the day of your test. Although body odour and greasy hair is not on the test report form, psychologically it portrays poor standards. You want to get off to a winning start on your driving test. You don’t want the examiner holding their breath because they feel sick. Lastly, be polite to your examiner, Harry Enfield who plays ‘Kevin’ doesn’t possess good people skills, especially with adults.

heels for test

High heels and boots:

Theres nothing wrong with a high heel and trousers normally.

It can be a classy look that can be pulled off in the day time. However, for the purpose of your driving test I would recommend wearing flats or trainers like converse.

On the day of your driving test clutch control is vital, many pupils actually start shaking especially on their manoeuvre. So having close contact with the pedals is vital for sensitivity purposes, especially when controlling the clutch at slow speeds. Other types of footwear I would refrain from wearing are: Ugg boots, Timberlands, Dc Martins and generally anything with a thick sole.

So what should you wear?

Now, this is not advice on fashion, but in my opinion these are some looks that are a safe bet when it comes to what you should wear for your driving test.


Look One: This is a classic smart/casual fashionable look. He’s wearing Vans trainers that go well with jeans and ultimately it’s comfortable.

Look Two: This is not ‘Harry from One Direction’ by the way. Skinny jeans and shirt with plimsols is comfortable too.

Look Three: It’s a smart casual look, again that’s ultimately comfortable and she’s wearing plimsol’s to ensure good clutch control.

Look Four: This look is only possible with tights really. If it’s a hot summers day then I would refrain from wearing shorts this short. However, with tights it’s definitely a goer and it’s comfortable. Notice she is styling flats with this look and not boots.

All of these pupils took their driving lessons in Milton Keynes, Bedford and Northampton and passed first time.

So remember… Have a wash, wear clean clothes, go for smart/casual, don’t wear hiking boots or stripper heels and you’ll be in a good place.

Good luck on the day of your driving test!

If you have any questions about this article or want to know more about driving lessons please comment or email me your questions.

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