Lane Discipline

Lane Discipline

During your practical driving test, you will be marked for your “lane discipline”. This requires you to position the vehicle in accordance with the edge of the road (kerb) and keep just left of the centre lines of the road. Remember, It is essential that you stay within the white markings on the road. It’s also important to be aware of suitable lanes when you come across multiple choices. For example. Turning left, right or carrying on straight ahead. You could receive a minor fault or even a major fault in your driving test for being very careless with your lane discipline, so read through some tips to help you Pass with Class and put them into practice during your driving lessons.

Your driving test examiner will be monitoring your ability to keep your lane discipline according to the road width. The driving examiner will also be on the look out for a few other things as well:

Keep your vehicle in the middle of your road. If the road is very wide, keep to the left approximately a metre away from the kerb.

Avoid going in and out of parked cars, this can be misleading to vehicles behind who may thing you are pulling up.

Get yourself in the correct lane as early as possibly can and do not change lanes unnecessarily.

If you have road markings, try to keep central so there is an equal distance both sides.

Adjust your position as necessary. This is so you can deal with any driving hazards ahead and behind of the vehicle.

If you need to overtake, then use the left hand lane to do so. Try to come back over to the left hand lane if you are no longer overtaking anyone. The only exception to this is if the road markings state otherwise.

Here’s a few examples of poor lane discipline whilst driving:


Roundabouts that consist of two lanes have the option to either turn right (right hand lane) or turn left/ go straight ahead (left lane). Whilst taking pupils out for driving lessons in Bedford, I have seen drivers who are driving straight ahead, but cut across the roundabout in the right hand lane, causing other vehicles on the road to stop in fear of crashing.


Although you will not be driving on the motorway during your driving lessons, you may decide to once you have passed, so it is important to be aware of general driving rules. E.g. Choosing to drive in the right hand lane and travel at 50mph. The right hand lane is used to overtake other cars, so 50mph is inappropriate for this lane as it is too slow. Using the inside left lane would be a far better option. Click driving lessons on the motorway for more information.

White Markings

Drifting in and out of the white road markings may cause other cars to bump into you if they are trying to overtake your vehicle. Always remember that when you have chosen a lane, stay inside the markings to prevent other drivers or pedestrians  becoming confused about your positioning.

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