How do I tackle Mini Roundabouts?

Objectives: You should be able to identify a mini roundabout ahead and understand the rules of priority using the MSPSL routine on the approach. You should be able to proceed ahead, to the left and to the right, signalling and positioning correctly on the approach to and through the mini roundabout.

Road signs and markings

Always look out for the road signs on the approach. As you get closer to the roundabout you should then be looking out for any road markings on the road.

Mirrors and signal

This is the same routine as would be applied to big roundabouts.


Make sure you position your vehicle as early as you can and signal early on so other vehicles can judge where you are going. If the mini roundabout is like the one below then keep left if turning left, position your car next to the centre lines but not over if turning right. If you are going ahead, then keep central.


As a general rule you will need to slow down to 10-15mph and be in 2nd gear when approaching mini roundabouts in order to control your vehicle safely, especially when turning left and right. As you improve, you will be able to change your speed appropriately, depending on what you can see ahead. Looking out for your potential danger on the mini roundabout early will help you work out how much you need to slow down and then you can choose the appropriate gear to drop down to enable you to pull away again.



It is important to give way to your immediate right. Look at the diagram here and imagine you are in pos A. Your danger would come from Pos B. If you notice the vehicle in Pos B slowing down, then they may be slowing down for their right. Which would be Pos C. If the vehicle in Pos C enters the roundabout first then you could use this as cover, so you could go too. Cover is a term used when a vehicle from your left blocks your danger on your right- which gives you an opportunity to go.

Double Mini Roundabouts

Apply the MSPSL Routine on the approach. Try to avoid double roundabouts until you have mastered single mini roundabouts.Double-Mini-Roundabouts

Going Ahead at a double roundabout: Imagine you are in Pos A on the diagram above. Your danger at the first roundabout would come from Pos D – as Pos C is turning left. As you approach the 2nd mini roundabout you will need to potentially give way at the lines which say ‘Giveway?’  Your danger at the 2nd roundabout would come from Pos E. If you notice Pos E slowing down then they could be giving way to their right which would be Pos F.
Turning Left at both roundabouts: Imagine you are in Pos A again. You would apply the same priorities as last time. A Left signal is required on the approach to the 1st and the 2nd mini roundabout in the diagram below. By putting your left signal on early the vehicles at the 2nd roundabout can work out where you are going earlier.

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