How do I turn in the road?

Objectives: You should be able to identify a safe and legal place to carry out the turn in the road. You should be able to turn the vehicle around in the road using forward and reverse gears so that it faces the opposite direction. Try to complete the manoeuvre under control and with due regard for the safety of other road users.

Turn in the road

Find a safe and legal place

Avoid doing this maneouver near junctions, bends and one way streets, check the highway code for more places.

Key Control tips

Vehicle Speed: slow walking speed. See clutch control.

Steering speed: as quick as you can and big turns.


Pos A: 360 observation before moving

Pos B: 360 observation before reversing

Pos C: 360 observation before driving away

Going forwards: look up and down road

Going backwards: look over left shoulder and right shoulder regularly.

how to turn in the road

How to judge a Kerb: Your instructor may show you a focal point. You are also allowed to put your window down and stick your head out briefly to check the kerb. You shouldn’t be looking in one position for too long. So only quick glances.

Priorities: Oncoming vehicles have priority, so as they get closer to you, you will need to stop and let them past. It’s safer to stop first then look and assess. If the oncoming vehicle waits for you, then you can proceed with caution.

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