How we win the work


More and more people are searching for local services, so typically if you are looking for driving lessons in Milton Keynes you will type the actual phrase. Google will then show relevant searches for that phrase.

Here’s just a few screens of many areas where we are appearing on the first page of google.

Social Media & YouTube

Although being on the first page of google and having a great looking website is the best way of sourcing new work, social media can defiantly help too.

driveJohnson’s has over 5,000 likes on Facebook and has the most YouTube views and subscribers in the UK.

Most people can do social media but if the branding isn’t right, potential customers will be put off rather than impressed. You might be a great driving instructor but if you’re not good at marketing then you may actually be doing more harm than good when dabbling in social media as an independent driving instructor.

By working with driveJohnson’s we can do all this for you, creating regular referral enquiries from previous pupils you have taught. Any pupil pass pictures you send to us, we expose to a large audience and give all the credit to you!


Teaching Celebrities

This comes hand in hand with social media. Many companies pay celebrities to help promote their products/services.

At driveJohnson’s we don’t pay celebrities – they come to us to get a job done. We get them through their test and on many occasions film them learning to drive with the company owner ‘Anthony Johnson’.
In this example you can see how Dele Alli (Tottenham and England Footballer) passed his test with driveJohnson’s and the videos on YouTube went viral.

This story circulated all the national newspapers and continues to be shared amongst 17-20 year olds. These stories are excellent exposure and also gains us respect and trust from the potential customers before they have even had their first driving lesson with a driveJohnson’s instructor.


The owner of driveJohnson’s, Anthony Johnson, also owns a marketing company:

When I first started out as an instructor back in 2003-2004, it was just me and my car. Back in the day, all independent instructors spent £2,000-£3,000 a year on a yellow pages advert. We use to pay monthly to spread the costs. In return we received a small advert (around 1/8 of a page) in the yellow pages.

By putting an advert in the yellow pages, everyone used to get a slice of the pie (enquiries). Back then it was word of mouth and yellow pages that got you the work.

The only slightly intelligent thing you could do was put +AAAA at the front of your business name in really small font so you appeared at the front of the driving school section. Apart from that, the biggest adverts would win the most enquiries. The larger the advert you had, the more phone calls you would get. It was that simple. That’s why the larger companies thrived, they had the capital and the easiest way to wipe away the minnows like myself by paying for a full page advert in every location across the UK. When they emerged, they used to win all of the quality work while independent instructors would get the crumbs or the price checker pupils. Through serving pupils well and being quite good on the phone, I was able to keep myself busy.

Fortunately, times have changed. As you know the Yellow Pages that used to be dropped on your door step once a year has virtually disappeared and your local curry house leaflet is thicker than the Yellow Pages.

It’s all about Google now and, without boring you too much, my second company is a marketing company specialising in website design and SEO. I have countless driving schools calling up my marketing company asking for a website like driveJohnson’s. We don’t say too much, we just say we can’t help. Even if we could help, I doubt they would pay £30,000 for a like for like website (over 700 pages). We probably have the best looking website on Google and if I see a competitor build something similar, guess what? I will change things and better it!

The big boys can spend what they like now, but I will keep beating them by doing things intelligently on Google, which is where everyone goes to purchase driving lessons now. Until we change the way we shop (online), driveJohnson’s will keep growing for the right reasons because everything is in house. It’s a winning formula – I am in the office daily making things happen. I’m ORDIT registered and received a Grade A, 51/51 on my most recent standards check.

A high level of driving instructor knowledge + a high level of marketing knowledge = driveJohnson’s!

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