Franchise Testimonials

We have a very happy family of driving instructors at driveJohnson’s. So much so, most of our new instructors come through recommendations from existing driveJohnson’s instructors.

The testimonials you see below are genuine. We have only edited the wording where it mentions another driving school that may not be of a positive nature.

Steve Procter Testimonial Picture

I joined driveJohnson’s having become increasingly disaffected with my previous driving school. Upon the recommendation of an instructor I had trained with, I was introduced to Anthony and we instantly seemed to get on well.

For me, filling my car with pupils and allowing me to get on with what I enjoy doing most – teaching, has been the overarching driver. Within 72 hours of us agreeing to work together, I was, much to my wife’s amusement, turning pupils away. That is a situation that has persisted. Three days is the most I have ever had to wait for a new pupil.

For me the benefit of working with driveJohnson’s is that they are VERY good at the marketing side of things, something that if I am honest, I do not want to be involved in after a 10-hour day out on the road. I do drop into the office from time to time, as I like to be able to put faces to names and believe it is important to build and maintain a rapport with the office team.

May 2013 was when I joined and I look forward to continuing a fruitful working relationship for the foreseeable future.

All the very best, Steve Procter

Anthony Flaherty Testimonial Picture

I trained to be an instructor with *** and worked with them for 5 years, long hours and not much profit. I moved onto the ** and only lasted about a year and a half, long hours and little profit. Things looked up when I started with ** *****, long hours and a bit more profit.
Then I started working with driveJohnson’s and have been happy ever since, at no stage have I felt the need to ask for extra work – It comes to me regularly. To the point, I often have to decline extra work because I am so busy. It really has been a good move for me and I would recommend driveJohnson’s to any instructor looking for a full diary, decent hours and a nice profit.

If you need any extra money all you need to do is play Anthony Johnson at golf, guaranteed to take his money.

Thank you driveJohnson’s and I hope we have many more good years to follow.

James Pearce

James Pearce Testimonial Picture

Having worked independently for 2 years and then 10 years plus for a small local driving school – My first impressions of the driveJohnson’s office and staff were good. The staff are hands-on to take new bookings from pupils including at the weekend. This ensures pupils are not lost to other companies.

New pupils are always texted to me promptly and on a very regular basis, which means I do not have to rely on recommendations anymore. On joining driveJohnson’s, my diary was full again after only 2 – 3 weeks!!!

The franchise set up was made easy by very helpful, friendly staff. The franchise fee is virtually the same as I was paying before give or take a few pounds and with driveJohnson’s hourly lesson price £2 higher, this easily covers the weekly franchise for me.

I have found the electronic diary system works really well and ensures communications between myself and the office is up to date. I am free to work in postal code areas of my choice, this also means I am not wasting fuel and time between lessons.

I’m glad I made the change and thank you for the opportunity/support from driveJohnson’s.

Pete Hogben Testimonial Picture

I have been with driveJohnson’s for almost 10 years now. I have seen the company grow from just myself and Anthony to over 100 instructors across the UK.

The massive advantage ‘Anthony’ (owner) has over the bigger companies is that he knows how to win the work. He knows what 17 year olds are thinking and where they are looking. He then puts the advertising in the right places at low costs with maximum return, which is why the driveJohnson’s franchise is lower than any other national company I know of out there.

I could ask for 5 pupils next week and driveJohnson’s will deliver every time.

When I’m down the test centre I don’t hear any other instructor boasting they have the work on a tap, like we do at driveJohnson’s. I would say to anyone who is a good instructor and short of work to call driveJohnson’s – they will look after you and you will never be short.

Mick Phillis Testimonial Picture

Just wanted to say how much I am enjoying my driveJohnson’s experience. Not only is my diary full but I have a more consistent workflow, as soon as a learner passes I immediately get another, I love it. Hassle and stress free diary management leaves me better placed to deal with my learners more professionally.

The franchise is excellent value for money based on the new leads alone but much more than that, the office team as a whole works really well. The staff are great communicators and the hours the phones are manned is so much better than my past experiences with large driving schools. All enquiries I have made have been dealt with swiftly and payments are always prompt.

I would have no hesitation recommending driveJohnson’s to ADIs and PDIs.

Lyn Lisle Testimonial Picture

I have been an instructor with driveJohnson’s for 4 years and 3 months, previously I was with another franchised company and did not have a good experience, the franchise fee was so high and I hardly got given any work and when I approached them I just got told that things would get better, but they never did.

Then I called Anthony at driveJohnson’s and he asked me to meet with him, which I did and we had a great informal chat, he answered all my questions and was honest and open about everything. So I then joined driveJohnson’s and have never looked back, if you have any queries or questions you can always call ‘Anthony’ as he is as approachable, honest and open now as he was back then. I have never struggled for work and the franchise fee is very reasonable.

The office staff at driveJohnson’s are all brilliant and will always do everything they can to help you and will fill any gaps in your diary as soon as you ask.

Joining driveJohnson’s was the best thing I did and I have never looked back

Thanks again


Aniello Sommese Testimonial Picture

Well where do I start… I did my training with *** on the basis that I was promised a good living – This never happened. All they wanted was the franchise. So I left and joined **** ***** thinking they might be better, as it happens they were worse.

So I started thinking that driving instructing was a waste of time, I spent more than £4,000 qualifying with no reward. I bought my own car and started my own driving school ‘Aniello driving school of excellence’. Believe it or not, I was doing better than the two big national companies.

Then I saw the driveJohnson’s website and thought “let me see if I can get extra work?” I met with ‘Anthony Johnson’. He was great and straight to the point – No bulls*?t. Ever since joining driveJohnson’s, I’ve been busy and happy. The driveJohnson’s franchise is great and affordable. driveJohnson’s has made driving instructing enjoyable and I’m now happy with the money I take home. Driving instruction can be a good living – If you’re with the right company.

Thanks Anthony and the Office team

Keep up the good work


Don Russell Testimonial Picture

I remember the first time I visited driveJohnson’s HQ, I was on my own and it was May 12th 2014. I immediately thought that the driving school was great. There was a fantastic atmosphere at Challenge House (where the office is based) and I just wondered ‘is it always like this?’ – even at that time I thought it would be great to be part of it.

Obviously on that day I could never imagine that I would come back as an instructor, it was not even in my head. It was just a coincidence, because on that day I first met Simone Morgan and from then on myself and driveJohnson’s have gone from strength to strength.

Ben Hampson Testimonial Picture

I passed my ADI exams with Anthony (all first time might I add)

Straight after qualifying I joined driveJohnson’s with zero pupils.

I’m not lying, within 3 weeks I had a full diary. After working with driveJohnson’s for 9-12 months I left to go travelling for a further 12 months (something I promised myself I would do after my dad passed away).

When I came back again, driveJohnson’s got me up to 40-45 hours a week within 2-3 weeks again. It doesn’t matter what time you join this company, ‘Anthony’ and the office team will break their backs to make you busy!

One thing I’m starting to see and realise is that it’s a cool thing to be seen learning with driveJohnson’s. Everything from the image of the company, non tacky stickers on the car, Youtube videos, free information on the website and the girls in the office answering the phone – It’s trending, cool and professional.

I regularly see and hear instructors moaning about not having enough work down at the test centre, but they are too stubborn to join a very affordable franchise. I regularly think to myself “You’re a driving instructor, focus on what you’re good at. The yellow pages is long gone. So stop relying on your poor marketing efforts and let driveJohnson’s help you!”

Ian Dickman Testimonial Picture

I’m really pleased with the service I get, it’s first class and inexpensive. driveJohnson’s approached me a year ago asking for some help with pupils in the Leicestershire area… They were really easy to deal with and honest with me and I was surprised at how easily and quickly they helped me to build up my diary, whilst not asking for an awful lot in return.

I decided to join the driveJohnson’s group as they appealed to me as a very professional outfit. They are fantastic value for money.. Really good communication and support are in place; along with a very impressive supply of new customers, even during the Christmas period. The fantastic website speaks for itself. The marketing team are really energetic and they are a pleasure to deal with.

I would recommend any independent ADI to follow suit and try them out as I did.


Chris Glazebrook Testimonial Picture

To the saviour of driving instructors, well this one at least. I have been an ADI for twenty two years, working for all the big companies. There have been some good times, but for the majority of the time, all I remember is moaning to my friends and family about the frustration of not being able to get the chance of getting the levels of work that I need.

This was not the case at driveJohnson’s, I have never been so happy to work for a company that gives me exactly what I want when I want it. Thanks to ‘Dave Cobley’ for getting me in, thanks to Anthony for being such a reasonable Boss and thanks to all the girls and boys that work in the office you’re brilliant!

Jeff Brooks Testimonial Picture

I’ve been driving instructing since 1992 and as well as having run my own school, I have worked for various large national companies over the years. None of them have ever really kept their promise of providing you work, always happy to get you to sign franchise agreements giving you assurances of work but not delivering.

Since joining driveJohnson’s, I’ve always had my diary as full as I’ve wanted and felt very much part of a team – having a good rapport with Anthony, the owner, and the office staff, I’ve always felt very much on my own with other driving schools.

Dean Smith Testimonial Picture

When I joined driveJohnson’s I was low. I was ready to give up the job as my franchise was not working out. Then, I saw Anthony Johnson’ he took me to one side and said “don’t quit, the learner drivers out there need instructors like you”

He gave me belief again that I could do the job, if it wasn’t for Anthony I would probably be helping guys fill their cars up with fuel!

I must also say the driveJohnson’s franchise is good value for money. I get offered pupils straight away when requested and get offered pupils even when I’m totally busy, which is a better headache to have than worrying about no work. Keep up the good work driveJohnson’s!

Mike McGowan Testimonial Picture

Hi, I was a part time driving instructor/wagon driver, and was looking to become a full time driving instructor. I firstly tried to build my business on my own but it was costing lots and I was not getting much work. I had a call from Zoe at driveJohnson’s, seeing if I was interested but I declined at first, as I thought I could do it myself.

Coming back to my depot after delivering all night, I decided to risk stopping the wagons and join a franchise. I went home that morning had a look around different websites and then remembered that Zoe had rang me.

I looked through all the website, looking to see how good they were. I realised I had been watching Anthony’s video’s on YouTube to help me learn more. So I looked even more and found that this was the only franchise that did not try to sell to you to become a driving instructor, they were telling you from the start to research and make sure you wanted to do it.

I thought I would give them a try on the free trial. I contacted and decided I would go down and meet them, so 2 days later I drove down to Milton Keynes (bloody M1 Shut) Got there and really liked what I saw but instead of trialling, I decided to go for it.

Within the first 2 weeks, they had provided me with 10 students! I could not believe it and after that, they are still flowing in quite steadily. I have found the whole team very helpful and friendly and always try to make you happy.

If you are umming and arring about joining driveJohnson’s, my advice is you will not be able to pick a better way to make money in this industry. So go on give them a chance, you will be glad you did.

All the Best to you all

Mike McGowan – Driving Instructor in Leeds

Alan Beer Testimonial Picture

I would thoroughly recommend the driveJohnson’s franchise. I find it incredibly good value for money. I joined the company over a year ago and not once since I joined have I been short of pupils. Any time I have needed a couple more pupils due to test passes or people leaving due to going to university, I have text the office and by the next day at the very latest I have received a reply with as many new pupils as I have requested.
I also find the staff in the office very helpful and incredibly polite, they are willing to do anything they can to help with regards to chasing any payments or any problems I might have.

You definitely won’t regret joining the company as unlike other companies that tie you for months and promise you lots of pupils then fail to deliver, driveJohnson’s is completely the opposite.

Ifet Hussain Testimonial Picture

I am an instructor for driveJohnson’s and just wanted to say a few words about my experience with the company. I qualified approximately 1 and a half years ago and like everyone that starts off, the experience is quite daunting. I had decisions to make in regards to which company to join and whether I wanted to fly solo etc.
I did a lot of research into each avenue and decided as a new starter, the best way forward would be to join a company and pay a franchise – as going solo meant a lot of advertising, trying to build a client base etc. which seemed like hard work. I then researched a lot of the leading companies, to name a few AA, ***, **** ***** etc. I also came to know about driveJohnson’s through research etc.

The thing that stood out the most about this company, over the rest, was the simple fact that not only was the franchise less than a quarter of the other companies, but also there was no contract involved. The reason I was extremely impressed with this, was because driveJohnson’s were that confident in delivering what they promise, if at anytime I was unhappy with the service or amount of pupils I was receiving etc. I was free to walk away without a charge etc.. Now for me, that meant I have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

A year and a half later I’m asked by several people why I have not chosen to become independent, my answer to them is “I don’t need to, as I have everything I want and more”. Without the extra headache, and if I’m completely honest I have never looked back or regretted my choice in the company I have chosen. The staff at driveJohnson’s are so friendly and easy to approach, I have never had an issue that has not been resolved so I would just like to say thank you for everything so far and I hope to still be working with the team in years to come.

Ifet Hussain

Trevor Joy Testimonial Picture

would just like to say how happy I am with driveJohnson’s and with the franchise deal being very good value.

Plus the contribution and hard work the office staff do put in to support the instructors and everyone at driveJohnson’s!

Thank you
Trevor Joy

Ian Carlton Testimonial Picture

When I moved town I found it hard to establish myself as an independent and whilst I got plenty of work in the previous area I lived, it was too much travelling. I persevered because my other option was to become a franchisee again and I didn’t want to pay sky high franchise fees and have a lengthy contract that essentially, guaranteed me nothing except I had to pay my franchise for the duration of the contract – It didn’t guarantee me a minimum number of pupils or any amount of work at all, so I could of been tied into a franchise contract that cost me a fortune but didn’t give me much work.

I received a call from Anthony Johnson who asked me if I wanted to come on board, we met and he told me about the company and what they had to offer. I thought it was too good to be true, what he was offering me was what I believe to be the lowest weekly franchise in the market and a week by week deal that if I or they wasn’t happy we just needed to give a weeks notice. I was also given assurances that I would have an abundance of pupils to keep me busy. I thought this can’t be true, plenty of work, low fees and no contract!! But I thought about it and I thought this company must be able to deliver, because if they can’t, I would just give a weeks notice and walk away and they would not survive if they could not deliver and kept losing instructors because they were not keeping their instructors happy.

I decided to join and I have been a franchisee with driveJohnson’s now for 2yrs and it was the best decision I made. I pay low franchise fees and I get work when I ask for it and as an instructor thats all you can ask for from the company you work for.

Ian Carlton
driveJohnson’s Franchisee

Alex Rolhion Testimonial Picture

Hi there, my names Alex, I’ve been a driving instructor for 3 years now and working for driveJohnson’s for 5 months after finishing a contract with another company.

I cannot say enough good things about driveJohnson’s, from their great support from the office staff which are always just a text or call away to the constant amount of work coming through. Leaving the other company to join driveJohnson’s was the best decision I made and my diary has been full since day one, something I never had the benefit of with the other driving school.

Would recommend driveJohnson’s to anyone who is looking to join a driving school franchise!

If you want to feel part of a team, be as busy as you want and not feel like just a number, join them!


Terry Bale Testimonial Picture

Working with driveJohnson’s is a real pleasure. The work is there if you want it, the service I get from the people in the office is easy and stress free, it does what it says on the tin.

My last franchise was a nightmare, no real work to speak of and the people in the office just didn’t deliver the goods. Overall I am well happy and would recommend any one to come and join the team at driveJohnson’s.

Terry Bale.

Ahmad Abdul Testimonial Picture

Trained and qualified with BSM from 2008-2014, I left after 6 years of working with them, paying too much franchise; I decided to buy my own car be my own boss. One day got a call from Zoe at driveJohnson’s, first I was reluctant to join, but decided to go for the two weeks free franchise, since then if I look back I have made the right decision, always have work, I do not regret it at all, thanks to Zoe for making that call, I am so happy with driveJohnson’s!

Ahmad Abdul.

Harry Lyons Testimonial Picture

I joined Drive Johnsons as an instructor in 2014

As I have been an instructor for many years I was extremely sceptical about joining up with a large driving school. However, once I had met Anthony Johnson, my fears were quickly dispelled with the professional friendly way in which our meeting went.

The Driving school is not like any other large school, it radiates, warmth, friendliness and professionalism. There is a nice personal touch which you do no get with other large schools when they are trying to recruit additional instructors.

Once you join the school you do not have to fight for every bit of work going, as the staff who work in the office are extremely efficient and friendly to work with.

With regards to volume of work (as this is close to every instructors heart) I soon found I had to refuse work as there was just too much.( I have not heard an instructor complaining about volume of work)

with a choice of franchises it is Cheaper than most, more flexible and you do not have to sign a long term contract.

Payment of pre paid lessons to the instructor is quick and easy (another must in a school).

Rob Bostridge Testimonial Picture

I joined the driveJohnson’s Franchise in March 2016. When I first started i received 22 pupils straight away, without hesitation.

If I am ever feeling short of work or have pupils that have passed and no longer require my tuition I just give the office a call and I’ll get new pupils within days.

They are really good to work for. If I ever need any advice about anything I can just give them a call and they’re always happy to help me out. I also get a lot of great advice from Anthony (the owner) too who is happy to share his knowledge. They have always got your back and are just an all round great company to work with.


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