Instructors Leaving driveJohnson’s

Instructors Leaving driveJohnson’s

It seems a bit odd that we would tell you about instructors leaving us, however, we believe in honesty and transparency at driveJohnson’s.

It happens to every driving school franchise across the UK from time to time.

We average between 2-3 instructors leaving us a year.

We can honestly say no instructor has left us to join another driving school franchise!

We have had many instructors join us from local and national driving schools, but there has never been an instance where a driveJohnson’s franchisee has left us to join one of them.

Why do instructors leave driveJohnson’s?

  • Career change
  • Illness/health
  • Retirement
  • They want to go independent

Roughly 1 instructor per year will leave us to go independent. It’s always the same reason for leaving us too – they are happy with driveJohnson’s and they know we are good for the work but they are extremely busy with recommendations that unfortunately they don’t see value in the franchise like they did 3, 4 or 5 years ago.

Obviously we are sad to hear/read this, but we understand and respect that nobody wants to pay for something if they aren’t going to use it. It’s like being a member of a gym but realising you prefer running outdoors instead. If you keep up with the hobby of running outdoors, inevitable, the gym membership will get cancelled at some point.

It doesn’t matter how good the gym is, if you don’t need it and you prefer running outdoors you’re going to leave. However, you won’t slag that gym off to people. You will say it’s a good gym, you just prefer running outside now.

Here are just a few screenshots that show instructors leave us on good terms. It is important to us as we know that instructors who have left us will still recommend us if they see or hear a fellow ADI struggling or needing extra work.

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